The Council of Ministers of Djibouti adopted a Bill on the Refugee Status in Djibouti... the creations of an Economic Development Board and a Foundation of the Right to Housing

Bill on Refugee Status in Djibouti
The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Djibouti adopted a Bill on Refugee Status in Djibouti. This bill aims to strengthen and consolidate the national legal framework regulating the conditions of asylum and refugee status in Djibouti.

The Creation of an “Economic Development Board”

This new body, under the authority of the President of the Republic will be in charge of supervising and coordinating the work of various ministries and national institutions in the planning and implementation of economic development policies to promote industrial and commercial developments and job creation.

The Creation of the “Foundation of the Right to Housing”

The goal of this foundation is to support constructions of houses on land plots belonging to persons who benefited from the program. More broadly, the mission of this Foundation is to initiate and support housing for all.

Republic of Djibouti – September 06, 2016

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